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What is A2 Milk?

About Strack-View Farms

About Strack-View Farms

Strack-View Farms LLC started with the desire of Ken Strack, Sr. to operate and later own a dairy farm.  Over the 50 years since Ken Sr started with a small herd of Holsteins, he married the girl next door, Margie, and together they built their farm and raised 5 sons and a daughter.  Their son Ken Jr and his wife Jenny currently are in a partnership with them today.  All of their other children live within a 10-mile radius of the farm.

As Ken Jr and Jenny became more involved in the farm management, they discussed ways to continue to manage their farm in an environmentally friendly, community-oriented way.  The family already adamantly follows their nutrient management plan to control run off, no tills crops to not disturb the soil structure and plants cover crops to prevent erosion.   Ken Jr and Jenny started researching Jerseys because of their nutrient dense milk.  They were impressed with the breed and the information they learned about A2 protein.   A2 protein production is more prevalent in Jerseys and many people find it easier to digest than the blended milk and milk products currently on the market.  Since Ken Jr was a 6- year member of the Sheboygan County Dairy Promo committee, it is a personal commitment of his to promote dairy and to be able to provide dairy products for more people to enjoy. 

As Ken Jr and Jenny learned more about the environmental benefits of Jerseys because of their smaller body size, the Strack family bought 50 Jerseys to start their Jersey herd.   Not only did they fall in love with their huge brown eyes, they also seen the reduction in acres needed to feed them, less manure produced, less water consumption and a longer life span compared to Holsteins.  In December of 2019, Strack-View Farms LLC became the home of only Jerseys.  

The Strack family is very pleased with their conversion to Jerseys.  To continue their environmental stewardship, they started feeding grass to provide a higher forage diet and reduce the amount of purchased feed transported to the farm.  With the overwhelming positive responses to their cheese, the Stracks also plan to continue to develop more delicious A2 products for people to enjoy.


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